How to mix old and modern styles for a luxurious look

heidi gubbins

At Heidi Gubbins Interior Design, I always try to reflect those elements that make that room, home or commercial space different from all the others. But my job is not only to find the interior design that my client needs, but also to provide them with enough tips and information to understand each architectural detail as if they were the ingredients of a recipe. That’s why today I want to talk about how to combine antique and modern styles to achieve a luxurious look.

Tips to achieve a more luxurious style


Combining antique and modern styles in interior decorating can create a luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in your home. This design trend allows you to mix classic and traditional elements with contemporary touches, creating a harmonious fusion that stands out for its elegance and unique personality.


  • Find the perfect balance

The first step in combining antique and modern styles is to find the right balance. Seek to create a harmonious proportion between classic and contemporary elements, preventing one from dominating over the other. The key is to achieve a balanced mix that feels cohesive and natural.


  • Play with contrasts

Contrasts are key to achieving a luxurious look when combining styles. You can contrast antique furniture with modern accessories or vice versa. For example, an antique dining table can be paired with sleek modern chairs. These contrasts add depth and make each element stand out.


  • Use vintage elements as a focal point.

To highlight the antique style, choose a vintage element as a focal point in the room. It can be an antique piece of furniture, an ornate mirror or a vintage lamp. These elements add character and become the focal point, while modern elements complement them.


  • Mix materials and textures

Another way to combine styles is through mixing materials and textures. Combine antique hardwood furniture with modern metal or glass finishes. Also, mix soft, luxurious fabrics with smooth, shiny surfaces. This combination creates visual interest and adds a touch of luxury to your space.


  • Don’t be afraid to experiment

When combining styles, don’t be afraid to experiment and add your own personal touch. You can incorporate contemporary artwork in a room with antique furniture, or use vibrant colors in a room with classic elements. The key is to find a balance that reflects your style and personality.


As you may have seen, the combination of antique and modern styles can end up in a luxurious and captivating look in interior decorating. Through balance, contrasts, the use of vintage elements, mixing materials and textures, and experimentation, you can achieve a space that reflects elegance, sophistication and a personal touch. But if you want to learn more about this topic or need to have your doubts answered, in the ‘Contact’ tab you will find what you need for Heidi Gubbins Interior Design to help you with everything.