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General Conditions

These general conditions regulate use of and access to the web site or Internet service that GUBBINS INTERIOR DESIGN S.L. (hereinafter “Heidi Gubbins”) with registered office in Benahavis, Málaga, Spain, is making available to the users at electronic address: https://heidigubbins.com/

By using this website, the User fully accepts these conditions and criteria which are permanently displayed on the website, the applicable version being that published and in force from time to time. The User is recommended to carefully read the conditions and instructions displayed in the web pages every time the said pages are accessed, and to regularly reload the content of the cache memory of User’s computer so that all information downloaded is fully updated. These general conditions are subject to the specific conditions which govern each of the products and services which can be contracted via the webpages.


The chief objective of this website is to provide information regarding Heidi Gubbins´s activities, products and services.

User: Conditions of use

The User undertakes to use the content and services of this website in a suitable, proper and legal manner. The following are strictly prohibited: illegal, illicit activities or those not carried out in good faith and contrary to law and order; and in general all and any conduct which violate or are conducive to or may violate the respect for human dignity, and the principle of non-discrimination for reasons of race. sex, religion, opinion, nationality or any other personal or social circumstance; those which are contrary to public health, consumers or users, or the protection of youth and children. Also prohibited is any activity aimed at impersonate any person or artificial person, or interfering, violating, altering or disconnecting the system, servers, networks or content together with any non-fulfilment of connection requisites. Heidi Gubbins reserves the right to ban any user of this service without prior notice, and to adopt any measures it deems fit from time to time, in order to prevent the behaviour and activities above-mentioned.

Intellectual or Industrial Property

Express notice is given that all the elements of this website are subject to intellectual or industrial property rights. The content, source codes, form, design and names of the products, applications, tools, pages, brands, commercial names, logotypes, and graphics, including the copyright, are the property of, have been assigned to or are under license to Heidi Gubbins, and therefore the authorship and right of use in all the extension of the term and in any form are protected by the applicable commercial code and criminal law. Any infringement of same, in addition to the appropriate monetary liabilities, will constitute an illicit or criminal activity. For this reason, the User shall refrain from reproducing, adapting, combining or integrating into other applications, arranging or otherwise handling or transforming, and from publicly communicating or publishing the contents accessible via this website, unless same is expressly authorised by Heidi Gubbins. Even with the Heidi Gubbins authorisation the User shall refrain from same via any procedures other than those specified and provided for in the user website, which users may not, under any circumstance, download, copy print or transfer the contents to any other medium with any alternation or modification of the content, in such a manner that same should omit, add, modify or in any way contradict the messages and information displayed and supplied via the website, as recorded on the system or in the computer records of the Heidi.

Heidi Gubbins assigns no license or authorisation of use of any kind regarding its industrial or intellectual property rights or any right or property related to the website or content. Sites which create hyperlinks to Heidi Gubbins´s pages shall not reproduce the said pages nor directly associate the link to any page of the Portal other than the home page.

Likewise, no site shall use distinguishable sign, commercial name, lettering, information or any other content belonging to the Portal except the indication which forms part of the link itself. It shall in no way be implied that Heidi Gubbins has authorised or intervened, takes responsibility for, participates in or has supervised the content of the page on which the hyperlink appears, nor even that Heidi Gubbins agrees to the inclusion of same, unless expressly authorised so to do.


Heidi Gubbins does not guarantee the user the availability, access or continuity of the connection to the website and the supply of information or any of the services available via same.

Therefore, neither Heidi Gubbins nor any possible content provider will be liable in the event of interruptions of the service, delays, improper functioning, and generally any inconvenience originating from causes beyond the Heidi Gubbins´s or the provider’s control or arising from wrongful or unlawful actions on the part of the user or force majeure.

Neither does Heidi Gubbins guarantee the usefulness, availability of results or infallibility of the contents provided via the website which are of an informative nature. This information has been obtained from sources considered reasonably reliable, but should not be construed as infallible and should be compared with other sources before the user forms an opinion or makes a decision.

Any opinion, measure, investment or any other type of action taken by the user shall be for the account and at the risk solely of the user. Heidi Gubbins shall not be liable in any manner for the use by the user of the content of the website, and reserves the right to modify, replace, update, renew, prevent access, interrupt, block, temporarily suspend or definitively cancel any service, supply of information or any other content, either with regard to a specific user or in general.

Unless expressly provided otherwise in each case, Heidi Gubbins does not intervene, participate nor offer any guarantee with regard to the products or services offered by third party providers which are accessible via hyperlinks or banners.

Heidi Gubbins shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user’s equipment by possible computer viruses affecting the user as a result of browsing the website or any other resulting from browsing.

Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files received by the terminal from the website visited and are used to record certain browsing interactions on a website by storing data that can be updated and recovered. These files are stored on the user’s computer and contain anonymous data which are not harmful to the system. They are used to remember user preferences, such as the selected language, access details or page personalisation Cookies can also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a site. For example, via which webpage a user has arrived or if an advertising banner was used.

Why does Heidi Gubbins use cookies?

Heidi Gubbins uses those cookies that are strictly essential for you to use our Websites and browse freely, use secure areas, personalised options, etc. Heidi Gubbins use cookies to gather data for analysis of website use. These are used to enhance the customer service, measuring the use and performance of the page to optimise and personalise it. Our websites may also have links to social networks. Heidi Gubbins has no control over the cookies used by these external websites. For further details on social network cookies or those of unrelated websites, we recommend reviewing their own cookie policies.

How do we use the various types of cookies?

• Session cookies are those that exist the time the user is browsing the webpage and are deleted at the end.

• Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s terminal for a longer period, simplifying the control of the preferences chosen without having to repeat certain parameters on every visit to the website.

• Own cookies are created by these websites and can only be read by the site itself.

• Third party Cookies are cookies created by third parties which we use for different services (e.g. Website analysis or advertising)

How can I change the configuration of the cookies?

If you do not want to allow any type of flash player storage uncheck the boxes “Allow the Flash content to store information on the system” and “Store common Flash components to reduce download times”. If you wish to limit the amount of data collected by flash applications, slide the indicator of the global configuration panel bar to the desired position.

Revocation of consent

It is also possible to limit how third party websites install cookies on your computer to avoid collecting data and a record of your browsing activity. To limit the use of third party cookies you can go to the website configuration or Opt Out:

Google Analytics

Select the option “Eliminate all sites” or select the specific website to be deleted and “Eliminate Website”.

Please bear in mind that if you reject or delete the browsing cookies on the Heidi Gubbins´s website we cannot store your preferences, some characteristics of the pages will not be operational, we cannot offer you personalised services and every time you browse our website we will have to ask you again for your authorisation to use cookies. If you still decide to modify the configuration of your access to the webpage, you should know that it is possible to delete the cookies or prevent this information being recorded on your system at any time by modifying the configuration parameters of your browser.

Privacy Policy

By means of the different areas which form part of the website, the user may visit, obtain information, use a set of applications or tools and acquire services. All and any data furnished by the user will be treated in all confidentiality. Both the entity responsible for the files and those persons who take part in any stage of this treatment together the entities receiving them, with the authorisation given by the user, are subject to the strictest professional confidentiality.

And they expressly undertake to implement the levels of protection and necessary measures of a technical and organisational nature in order to ensure the security of data of a personal nature and to avoid their being altered, used improperly, lost, stolen, treated or accessed in an unauthorised manner, either externally or internally within Heidi Gubbins´s own structure and personnel, taking into consideration the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed, whether arising from human action or the physical and natural medium.

It is also guaranteed that such data will be treated and recorded in files, programs, systems, equipment, premises and centres which meet the requisites and conditions of integrity and security as provided and applicable from time to time. Notwithstanding the above, the User should be aware and is hereby expressly warned that security measures on the Internet are not foolproof.


Browsing Heidi Gubbins´s website is free and does not require the user to register in order to do so. Access to, acquisition or the use of certain products and services, however, will require the user to register.

The user is hereby expressly advised that the Heidi Gubbins´s website uses “cookies”. These cookies are small data files which are created in the user’s computer and are associated solely to an anonymous user. These cookies cannot read data from your hard disk nor read cookie files created by other providers. Cookies can recognise users solely when they have registered, so as to avoid having to register every time the user visits the site to access the areas of services exclusively reserved for them. They also provide information about the date and time the User last visited our website and the contents browsed. The User can configure the browser to be warned of the reception of cookies by their hard disk, and for this purpose should refer to their browser’s instructions and manuals to enlarge upon this information.

Data of a personal nature

When a user is required to register his personal details so as to be able to access, use or acquire a service provided via Heidi Gubbins’s website, he is expressly advised that the said data, together with any details originating during the provision of the service, are necessary for the development, control, management and execution of the services and products acquired and that same will be incorporated into files created for that purpose. The introduction and registration of the user’s personal details implies his acceptance and express authorisation to Heidi Gubbins for the gathering, filing and processing of these details, and their conservation during the time stipulated in the applicable provisions.

Moreover, the user is advised that the registration of personal details furnished at the time of subscribing or acquiring products and services, together with any other provided during this relationship, also implies voluntary acceptance of the treatment of these personal data by Heidi Gubbins for classification or categorisation of same so as to maintain him informed and send information, offers or promotions of Heidi Gubbins´s products and services, to create profiles or for the analysis of proposals requested by the user.

The user’s authorisation for the processing and assignment described in the two previous sections is voluntary, and the use may, in the manner provided in the applicable regulations governing the protection of data, revoke the said authorisation for the processing and assignment of personal details. The user may exercise his right to access, rectify, challenge, and cancel the data by writing to the party responsible for the files, namely Heidi Gubbins, holder of CIF B93672749 with registered offices in URB LAS MOZAS PORTAL A 22, Benahavís 29679, Malaga, Spain. Lastly, the user is advised that the Heidi Gubbins´s web pages may provide links to other websites belonging to entities, companies, institutions or organisations unconnected with to Heidi Gubbins. Heidi Gubbins will not be liable in relation to the registration in the said websites of the user’s personal details.

By Heidi Gubbins
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