Alto Furniture

We propose creating a multifunctional space where you can make a choice: either to retire or be together with everybody. The space, clear of all unnecessary items, will take you to another dimension and help you to get tuned to a calm repose.  Lot’s of light and air. In the center of the room there is a functional zoning volume, a white cube, dividing the entire living room into 5 zones: active pastime area, TV area, dressing area, secluded relaxation area and the central area – relaxation area, located inside the white volume.

Under the cube there are withdrawable soft modules, and inside the cube there is a live tree that is illuminated from the above roof window. This is a place for solitude, meditation and relaxation. Thus, with the help of withdrawable modules, you can create different zones for conversations, board games, and the one who needs to retire can go and have a rest under the tree. Also, we do not forget about a place for storing clothes. There is a cabinet along one of the many-many walls.




Minsk, Belarus


Andrus' Bezden


Sasha Hamolin

By Heidi Gubbins
The Minnie Pouf is a charming and delightful addition to any makeup desk. Its round shape and heel-inspired design create a captivating focal point, effortlessly blending whimsy with elegance. This adorable pouf can be upholstered in a diverse array of luxurious fabrics, allowing you to customize it to perfectly complement your personal style and decor. Whether you choose a plush velvet, a sleek leather, or a chic patterned textile, the Minnie Pouf promises to be both a functional seat and a stunning visual accent in your space.
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Heidi Gubbins_Design_Bespoke Chair_3_web
By Heidi Gubbins
The Cocotte is a stylish tub chair that seamlessly enhances both formal and informal settings with its sophisticated design. It can be crafted in a smaller size to serve as an elegant dining chair. The chair's enveloping back and arm structure provides a sense of cozy luxury, while its distinctive asymmetrical back and base add a unique touch. Whether used in a living room, study, or dining area, the Cocotte's chic and versatile design makes it a standout piece in any composition. With an array of fabrics to choose from, you can customize the Cocotte to perfectly fit your style, ensuring it complements your decor beautifully.
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Heidi Gubbins_Design_Bespoke Chair_1
By Heidi Gubbins
The Sweet Cher armchair boasts a stout, voluptuous yet boxy silhouette that exudes both comfort and style. Carefully designed details on the joints and armrests add a special touch to this distinctive piece. Its angled legs infuse a funky vibe, while the generous depth and size ensure it is as comfortable as it is visually striking. Perfect for any living room, the Sweet Cher armchair offers an array of fabric options, allowing you to customize it to seamlessly complement your design aesthetic.
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By Heidi Gubbins
The Mia loveseat features soft, simple lines that create an elegant and understated design. Available in various sizes, it can be tailored to fit perfectly as either an armchair or a loveseat. The fine, rounded lines, curved interior arms, and seamless one-piece seat strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Whether in a cozy nook or a spacious living area, the Mia loveseat's refined design will effortlessly enhance any setting.
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By Heidi Gubbins
The Bella ottoman is a versatile and customizable piece, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space. Whether used as a large pouf to separate two living areas, a cozy spot by the fireplace, or even as a stylish coffee table, it adapts effortlessly to your needs. Inspired by the classic Chesterfield design, its deep button work and tapered edges provide a sleek and soft look. The Bella ottoman offers a striking contrast when incorporated into modern interiors, making it a standout piece that combines timeless charm with contemporary flair.
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