Residential Design


True to this very personal form of engagement, Heidi creates home designs around her clients’ personal tastes and lifestyles, but adds the visual and spatial insights of the skilled professional to make their ideal living environment come to life with an element of unexpected enchantment. As she says, “It’s a journey…a creative experience where passion and professionalism are in balance.”

If the ideas and designs are not standard ‘package solutions’, then it follows that the furnishings, design elements and artwork Heidi uses also deviate from the standard. The studio takes on large and small projects, affording them all a very personal dedication that results in a one-off combination of styles and decorative elements – including bespoke furniture made just for you.

“It is typical of our approach that the collections we work with are personally sourced, varied and made in small numbers. We attach value to quality, taste and creating decoration that has a timeless appeal and sense of style. Trends detract too much from the uniqueness of each project and space to be allowed to dominate the décor, but dare to express your own style and you transcend them to make your home a truly personal statement and source of pleasure.”