Refurbishment & Renovations


The approach that defines Heidi’s design work is also visible in the refurbishment projects undertaken by her studio, where she similarly draws from the rich textural and tonal palette of natural materials. Inside and out, her signature touch reflects a love of the interplay between such varied elements, which when skilfully composed create an engaging dialogue between spaces, forms and even individual architectural features or furniture pieces.

From the smallest renovation of a single room to the full refurbishment of a large property, the atelier’s technical and design teams are experienced and skilled at developing marvellous concepts and constructing beautiful living spaces in homes where you had not thought this possible. It is this blend of creative inspiration and effective project management that forms the essence of Heidi Gubbins Interior Design.

“I am passionate about creating a mesmerising interplay between materials, textures, tones, shapes and dimensions, as this is what makes a space special and gives it that indefinable character, regardless of the stylistic genre or whether the design is exuberant or subdued. We always aim to build upon the architectural characteristics of a property, and never is this more important than in a renovation project, which offers a chance to make a home look its very best again.”