Commercial Design


Creativity in concept, design and furnishing is coupled with a professional approach to deadlines, budgets and quality control, along with a strong team of stylists, carpenters, architects, landscapers, technicians, lighting specialists and other experts that form the backbone of all projects undertaken by Heidi Gubbins Interior Design – be it decoration, complete refurbishment or construction.

All interior design studios may have the same palette of tones, textures and techniques to work with, but it is how they bring these elements together that defines the stylist. “For us, the two building blocks of a successful design project are the strength of the creative concept and the quality of its execution in detail. The ultimate result has to be the creation of much more than simply a decorated home or venue – it has to become a visual and sensory experience that makes you, the client, see your vision reflected in your new space, your design objectives fully realised.”

“Commercial projects require the same creative inspiration and the same liaison with the client and expanding upon their vision, but their larger scale and commercial realities add an exciting challenge and need to ‘get it right’. Whether a bar, restaurant, beach club, office, retail space or boutique hotel, we specialise in rising to this challenge and bringing more to the table than simply ‘standard’ interior design.”