Bespoke Furniture Design


In addition to standing out for sourcing unique pieces of furniture and decorative options, Heidi also designs one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces that are produced to measure by skilled craftsmen. She finds artists whose work creates impact and elicits emotion, also commissioning pieces on behalf of her clients. Everything is focused on matching and enhancing the home or venue in question, and creating décor that is not only beautiful to look at, wonderful to the touch, comfortable and functional, but which also carries the DNA of the space and its owners.

“There is no standard style, that is the beauty. There is a philosophy, an approach and also internal processes regarding quality and workmanship, but the concepts are above all inspired by a design sense that is intuitive – as sensory in nature as the emotions they stir. Ultimately, in whatever specific service you provide, an interior designer is one of the few people whose privileged role it is to create spaces that produce a sense of enchantment and well-being.”